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Torftech is a Technology Company

Working across industries from food to minerals to waste, we design, provide and license industrial solutions using our proven, proprietary technology. Our TORBED and TORWAVE processors are at the forefront of process intensification technology, designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability, challenging established technologies across a range of applications and industries. 

We are proud to offer innovative solutions that can streamline industrial processes, while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact, promoting carbon reduction, carbon capture and supporting a circular economy. 

We Offer


Expert engineers and designers work with you to deliver optimisation of both processes and the TORBED processor. This leads to energy, space and cost efficiency that are the hallmarks of our technology.


Full automation together with excellent mixing and fast reaction rates combine to give excellent process control, enabling optimisation and giving you ideal products and processes.


Our technology not only enables new processes that are key to a sustainable, low carbon future, but also allows existing processes to be intensified, creating life cycle resource savings. In addition it offers opportunities for electrification of processes.


Process intensification underpins all the benefits that the TORBED technology can offer your business. The high rates of heat and mass transfer means that the TORBED technology is ideally situated to advance industrial processing of solids and gases.


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Making the small and intricate possible

In the pilot plant section of the website, we talk about making specialist pilot plants for very hot processes or ones involving highly corrosive materials. Sometimes we produce them because the process proposed to be conducted is at too small a scale to be practical ...

The Science behind the technology

At Torftech we pride ourselves on the science behind our engineering innovations and solutions. From time to time, they appear in the pages of Scientific Journals. This time, it was the turn of the TORWAVE our microwave enabled processor which offers electrical alternatives to hydrocarbon ...

Practical Steps on the Journey to Net Zero

Some of the steps on the journey to net zero are clear: bring an end to fossil fuel power generation,  deforestation and unnecessary waste.  However, completing the journey successfully will also require planning authorities, businesses and households to change the way they do things. Reduction ...

The Technology

We can change the way you process

Find out more about some of the processes for which our processors have been used.