Who We Are

Torftech group is a private company owned principally by its employees and directors. As a team we have a direct personal interest in ensuring successful outcomes.

The group was founded following the conception of the TORBED processor in 1981 and first incorporated in 1982, making its first commercial sale in 1985. With over 200 systems sold and references in multiple industries, we have established ourselves as leaders in the process technology field. Our team is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that enable our clients to improve their processes and achieve their goals.

Our team of process and mechanical engineers have decades of experience and broad expertise. We’ve navigated diverse challenges, honed our skills and understand the nuances of designing innovative processes, drawing from a rich repository of knowledge and best practices. This depth of experience enables us to anticipate potential obstacles, innovate with agility, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Torftech Group is the trading name for a group of companies owned by Mortimer Technology Group Limited.


Our mission is clear - to advance technology and revolutionize industries for a brighter and more sustainable future.

We strive to lead process industries in enabling low carbon processing facilitating products and processes that lead to decarbonisation of energy and industries, including foundation industries.


At Torftech, we value our relationships with our clients and partners.

We believe that building strong, long-lasting relationships is the key to our success. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements. We are dedicated to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology that can help them achieve their goals and are confident that we can provide the technology solutions you need to optimize your processes. We work with our clients throughout the entire engineering journey, from feasibility studies through pilot testing and all the way to an installed and commissioned system.

Research, development and innovation lie at the core of our identity. We are passionate about driving transformative change through our cutting-edge technology. Over 40 years and over 200 installations, we have honed our expertise and collaborate seamlessly with industry leaders, empowering them to take their next steps in their journey towards progress.

We understand that projects are rarely a one-off event. Ongoing support, maintenance, and follow on projects are an important part of any business and we strive to offer the necessary support and training to allow our partners to thrive long after delivery of a system.


Companies who we have worked (and continue to work) with over the years.

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