How We Work

With our extensive experience and commitment to client satisfaction, we excel in working hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver exceptional outcomes.

From the initial consultation to the final implementation, we prioritize open communication and collaboration every step of the way.

We offer TORBED systems at every scale to any industry, from off the shelf proven systems for the food industry to bespoke systems for R&D facilities and large-scale industrial units. TORWAVE systems are also adaptable and scalable.

Testing is the foundation of our work. If, after initial discussions, we think we can help, the first step, typically, is to test the proposed material and processes. 


Pilot Testing

We have two general TORBED pilot facilities, one in Toronto, Canada and one in Torun, Poland. Additionally we have a food grade pilot machine that is transportable and a TORWAVE pilot plant in Nottingham, England. These are used for pilot testing by our engineering team.

We understand that combinations of products and processes are unique, and that no two system are alike. We use our pilot facilities to test out processes and demonstrate the capabilities of the Torftech’s technology, from drying to high temperature calcination, pyrolysis to combustion. Pilot testing allows us to evaluate material and processes, setting a basis of design on which to base an engineering study.

For very hot (>1000ºC) or corrosive processes, the only option may be to construct a dedicated pilot plant. Similarly, if a process is to be the subject of continued experimentation, testing or validation, a dedicated pilot plant may be required.

Charges for pilot tests are based on the length of the required programme.


Engineering Studies

With a proven track record of successfully implementing and commercialising innovative solutions, we understand the intricate dynamics involved in transitioning from pilot projects to full-scale production. From ensuring consistency and reliability to optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness we ensure that we work with clients to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities for success. There are some processes for which we have “off the shelf” standard TORBED processors.

For other processes or processes involving the TORWAVE processor, the next step after testing is an engineering study. Our engineering studies provide preliminary detail and support a fully costed proposal for supply of a TORBED or TORWAVE based system, enabling evaluation of the practical and financial implications of a proposed investment.

A typical study package includes:

  • A process flow diagram
  • A piping and instrumentation diagram
  • A control philosophy
  • An analysis of the terminal points of the system that Torftech would propose to supply
  • A general arrangement diagram of the proposed plant
  • Instrument and motor lists
  • A budget based on a detailed scope of supply

Processor Systems

We offer TORBED systems at every scale to any industry, from off the shelf proven systems in the food industry to bespoke systems for R&D facilities and large-scale industrial units. Our more than 40 years of experience lets us integrate seamlessly with existing plant and other suppliers to deliver the system that you need. 

Complete Plants

For some processes we know that clients need a complete plant solution. Torftech has experience working globally with integrators who can offer a turnkey plant to clients who need everything taken care of.

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training and support services to ensure that you get the most out of our technology. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that you understand how to use our technology effectively and efficiently.

We can change the way you process

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