Making the small and intricate possible

In the pilot plant section of the website, we talk about making specialist pilot plants for very hot processes or ones involving highly corrosive materials. Sometimes we produce them because the process proposed to be

The Science behind the technology

At Torftech we pride ourselves on the science behind our engineering innovations and solutions. From time to time, they appear in the pages of Scientific Journals. This time, it was the turn of the TORWAVE our microwave enabled processor which offers electrical alternatives to hydrocarbon ...

Practical Steps on the Journey to Net Zero

Some of the steps on the journey to net zero are clear: bring an end to fossil fuel power generation,  deforestation and unnecessary waste.  However, completing the journey successfully will also require planning authorities, businesses and households to change the way they do things. Reduction ...


Delivering revolutionary and novel systems around the globe.

Our TORBED and TORWAVE technology can enable all sorts of unique processes and generate exciting new products. 

We can change the way you process

Find out more about some of the processes for which our processors have been used.