Practical Steps on the Journey to Net Zero

Some of the steps on the journey to net zero are clear: bring an end to fossil fuel power generation,  deforestation and unnecessary waste.  However, completing the journey successfully will also require planning authorities, businesses and households to change the way they do things. Reduction of energy usage is in Torftech’s DNA.  Our TORBED and TORWAVE processors intensify processes, increasing efficiency, optimising resource utilisation and reducing operating costs.  They’re also compact, reducing the resources needed to make them.

We are also working on solutions for industrial applications where carbon emissions are necessary, for example, the cement industry.  Our TORBED processors are also highly effective at efficient carbon capture. This gas scrubbing ability was first demonstrated thirty years ago, and we are turning that expertise towards carbon dioxide and methane capture.. The TORBED processors intensify the gas scrubbing process, ensuring value and efficiency that is key to our journey to net zero. 

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