The TORBED processor is our core technology.

Originally conceived to improve on conventional technologies for exfoliation of mica to produce vermiculite, the TORBED processors were designed to ensure thorough processing of raw materials with minimum waste and maximum efficiency, reducing both capex and opex.

We have deployed our revolutionary TORBED technology across many industries, delivering long lasting benefits in cost saving, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and many other industry specific areas. 

The Basics

The cornerstone of the TORBED technology is the design of the processor geometry and the stationary blades which dictates the flow patterns within the processor.

The developed flow patterns interact with the solids in the TORBED processor, and the solids fluidise, creating a TORoidal fluidised BED, hence the name! The motion developed in the bed retains particles within the processor even at very high gas speeds.

High gas velocities are important as they create the conditions for fast reaction rates. A high speed gas strips away the boundary layer around a particle, exposing it to heat or to reactants and intensifying the process. The TORBED does this without entraining the particles in the gas stream, which would reduce the intensification that is otherwise achieved.

The benefits of this technology are myriad, and surface in different ways depending on the application that the TORBED processor is being used for.

If you are considering a process that requires gasses and solids to interact (gas, solid contacting) and involves.

Case Studies

Examples of our processor installations that illustrate the durability, control and versatility that our technology offers.

We can change the way you process

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